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This DotNetNuke module allows you to keep a library of books. This is ideal for:
  • company intranets
  • small corporate libraries
  • personal book collections
  • small school libraries

The portal Administrator can record who has borrowed books and when they are returned - from the list of DotNetNuke users.

Source code included.

Beta 3 - tested on latest version of DotNetNuket 4.9.0

Current Version

01.10.00 (also known as Beta 3)
Released 29 January 2009
Tested with DotNetNuke version 04.09.00

Changes made:
Fixed fault when entering null value for actual return date which was creating error message
Added Media fields and dropdown
Fixed fault where you could only store one library per host.
Previous Versions

01.00.00 (also known as Beta 1)
Released April 2008
Tested with DotNetNuke version 04.08.04

01.00.01 (also known as Beta 2)
Released 16 January 2009
Tested with DotNetNuke version 04.09.00
Changes made:
Control: BorrowBook
Actual return date is no longer a mandatory field
Fixed fault where dates were getting saved to database in wrong order
Renamed several IDs to make code easier to read
Uninstall.SqlDataProvider: CEL_AddLibraryBorrow added to Uninstall script
Future Versions

We are currently developing future Beta versions. These are some of the features we hope to include:
  • Ability to store multiple copies of items
  • Improved facility for borrowing/returning items
  • Keywords for items
  • Allow import of book data from amazon based on ISBN
  • Bulk Import/Export facilities

Installation Instructions

1. The ZIP file download available from Snowcovered is called
2. You should then install this as you would any other DotNetNuke module.
3. If you have any problems please contact us using the helpdesk facility within Snowcovered.

If you are upgrading from Beta 1 or Beta 2, follow these instructions:

1. Backup your database before you begin. This software is Beta and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any loss of data as a result of upgrading between Beta versions.
2. Do not uninstall the module. Simply install as you would any other DotNetNuke module and it should update the module.
3. If you have any problems please contact us using the helpdesk facility within Snowcovered.

Known issue following upgrade to Beta 3

Sometimes following upgrade you may find that everytime you add a new Library module to a page, two are added instead of one. This is due to a change in the name of the module.

When two are added to the page, simply delete one of the two and continue to use your new library. This should work without any problems.

If you wish to stop this behaviour when adding the Library module to a page:

1. access your DotNetNuke database using your usual method
2. look at to the ModuleDefinitions table
3. you should see two entries for the library - one with the FriendlyName CEL Intranet and one with the FriendlyName of Library Module. Note down the relevant ModuleDefID
4. Look in the table Modules for any ModuleDefIDs that you noted down for CEL Intranet. If any exist, change them to the ModuleDefID for Library Module.
5. Delete the entry with the FriendlyName CEL Intranet from the ModuleDefinitions table
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